公司名: D-Biz002
項目總價: $99,980

WhatsApp Platform Subscription
● Collection of respondents’ mobile numbers
● Multiple company user to manage 1 WhatsApp Number
● Broadcasting to all data client Feature
● Rule-based automated replies
● Max 6,000 messages per day

EasySend After Order function
● Send receipt and delivery notification via WhatsApp
● Send promote and e-coupon and loyalty programme via WhatsApp
● Integration with all E-Commerce Platform

Set up, Maintenance and Technical Support
● Customer Services Support at Business Hours (Mon – Fri)
● 1st time Server Set-Up
● 1 set of dedicated HK mobile number
● 1 set of login account
● 6 months Support

Services Implementation
● Content and visual creation
(6 messages 6months)
● WhatsApp Marketing Strategy planning
● Suggestion based on analytical report
● Monthly Report

Tutorial Section

公司簡介: WhatsApp 自動化系統,協助中小企管理大量客戶。 中小企可透過WhatsApp自動化系統,自動向大量客戶發放訊息,以及自動回覆,可以大幅提升工作效率,減少人手失誤。
  • D-Biz002